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water, sewage and drainage management

Systems and equipment for the abstraction and treatment of water, water treatment technologies, designing and constructing water and sewage facilities, sewage treatment plants; sewage treatment plant design, construction and technologies, thermal treatment of sewage sludge, metering devices in water and sewage management: measurement and analysis techniques, machinery, equipment and technologies for water and sewage networks, devices for water and sewage systems, construction and regeneration of water and sewage networks, construction of deep wells, vehicles and special-purpose equipment, rescue equipment, management of water and sewage systems, water regulation, construction and maintenance of water management equipment: constructing irrigation and drainage ditches, constructing storage reservoirs, river regulation, flood protection, planting vegetation in floodplains and idle agricultural land, drainage equipment

heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Chimneys, fuels: gas, fuel oil, solid fuels (eco-pea coal, fuel briquettes, pellets, biomass), radiators: panel radiators, towel radiators, decorative radiators, underfloor heating, control: temperature controllers, ventilation: natural, mechanical with heat recovery, energy recovery, boilers: gas boilers, oil boilers, electric boilers, pellet boilers, biomass boilers, eco-pea coal boilers, fireplaces: open fireplaces, closed fireplaces, hydronic heating fireplaces, bio fireplaces, heat pumps, air conditioning systems, energy meters, energy-efficient heating systems: state-of-the-art heating boilers, alternative energy generation methods, refurbishment of systems, replacement of radiators, building insulation, reducing emissions of dust, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide

waste management

Recovery (reuse) of waste, waste disposal, waste transport, waste segregation, waste treatment, landfilling, municipal waste management, plants: waste-to-energy, processing of separately collected waste plant material, plants enabling deposition of waste generated in the mechanical-biological treatment process and remains from municipal waste sorting for a period of at least 15 years, waste management support (studies, analyses, design, project implementation), waste management products: landfill and ground sealing, landfill equipment, waste sorting plant equipment, waste disposal equipment, waste composting, separators, sewage sludge treatment, waste volume reduction equipment, waste transport and removal equipment, litter bins and waste containers, equipment for the maintenance of buildings and premises, plant care equipment, equipment and vehicles for the municipal services sector

renewable energy sources

Wind farms, solar power plants, hybrid power plants, geothermal energy from sewage sludge, energy from municipal waste, energy storage (battery systems), photovoltaic equipment, solar thermal collectors, tanks for hot water, pump systems for solar fluid circulation, temperature controllers, solar expansion vessel, photovoltaic systems, smart energy use

cleaning technologies for communes

Collection and selection of waste in towns and communes, waste electric and electronic equipment management systems, creating and maintaining landfills, devices and equipment for cleaning streets, squares, open spaces ad public roads, devices and equipment for plant care, construction and maintenance of public toilets, organisation of the collection of municipal waste, establishing and enforcing responsibilities of residents