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Under the Act on keeping communes clean and tidy of 1996, communes are obliged to keep their area clean and tidy an create conditions required to ensure that they remain clean and tidy, in particular by:

  • creating the right conditions for works related to keeping the commune clean and tidy or ensuring that such works are performed by creating suitable organisational units
  • constructing, maintaining and operating municipal waste processing plants, sewage collection plants, if the connection of all properties to a sewer network is impossible or too expensive, plants and equipment for the collection, transport and disposal of dead animals or their parts and public toilets, on their own or together with other communes
  • subjecting all real property owners in the commune to the municipal waste management system
  • monitoring municipal waste management, including compliance with the obligations of the companies collecting municipal waste from real property owners
  • establishing separate collection of municipal waste including at least the following waste fractions: paper, metal, plastic, glass and composite packaging and biodegradable municipal waste, including biodegradable waste packaging
  • creating points for separate collection of municipal waste easily available to all residents of the commune, including indicating the places for the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment from private households
  • ensuring the achievement of suitable recycling rates, preparation for reuse and recovery by other methods and reduction of the mass of biodegradable municipal waste sent to landfills
  • taking information and educational measures regarding correct management of municipal waste, particularly with respect to separate collection of municipal waste
  • collecting waste electrical and electronic equipment from private households
  • keeping streets, squares and open spaces clean, in particular by: collecting and disposing of mud, snow, ice and other impurities removed from sidewalks by real property owners and waste collected at dedicated containers placed on the sidewalk
  • keeping public transport stops clean and tidy where they are owned or managed by the commune and located in the commune area at public roads.