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The municipal services sector continues to satisfy the needs of the population in many areas, such as the following:

  • administrative services related to registration, keeping records, e.g. issuing documents, making entries in the records, issuing permits, issuing administrative decisions
  • public services: healthcare, cultural development, sports facilities, education, social welfare, council flats, public safety
  • technical services: electricity supply, district heating, cemeteries
  • public transport: collective transport services, special transport (handicapped persons), maintenance of transport infrastructure (roads, tracks)
  • water management: water supply and sewage disposal
  • waste management: landfilling, disposal, recycling
  • cleaning and management of soft-landscaped areas.

Waste management and waste management companies are supposed to organise environmental protection activities, particularly in terms of waste management. These companies should cooperate with respect to the transport, segregation and disposal of municipal waste and coordinate waste management activities and related services. Apart from implementing projects, municipal services companies should promote environmental protection.

Exhibitor profile

  • equipment for the maintenance of buildings and premises
  • plant care equipment
  • equipment and vehicles for the municipal services sector.