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I&C systems are a thriving branch of the economy at the moment. Using I&C systems has now become necessary in every business area, particularly in large, energy-efficient construction and industrial projects, and the benefits of this technology are invaluable.

Most important uses of I&C devices include water, sewage, gas and electrical networks as well as automatic waste sorting plants, sludge drying plants, sewage treatment plants or extensive use in smog reduction.

Processes controlled by such devices usually include the following:

  • conditioning of air parameters (temperature, humidity, quality) in air handling units
  • control of process water and domestic water in district heating substations and refrigeration plants
  • treatment of water and measurement of its physical and chemical properties
  • maintenance and monitoring of failures of safety devices installed at the facilities
  • optimising energy and media consumption while maintaining the required performance
  • safety and security systems of buildings
  • determining and reporting energy consumption of particular processes and areas.

We have created this area to answer all your questions and present suitable, customised solutions.

You will find solutions, for instance, to problems relating to the following:

  • test and measurement services
  • engineering services
  • installation services
  • measurement and commissioning services
  • building services control
  • building services control
  • refurbishment and overhauls