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Year after year, the significance of renewable energy sources and distributed generation is growing, while the space for fossil-fuelled baseload power plants is shrinking. This tendency forces the development of systems designed to secure supply, e.g. the energy market, reserve generating capacities and demand side response, as well as implementation of solutions based on new technologies, such as Big Data or the Internet of Things. The significance of energy performance and energy efficiency is on the rise. The energy sector is becoming increasingly more complex.

In March 2017, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management announced a second call for proposals for a contest under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and the Environment, measure 1.2, “Promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy use in enterprises”. The budget of the contest from the Cohesion Fund is PLN 300 million.

As part of measure 1.2, support will be granted to projects that –in the course of an energy audit of a specific enterprise – are found to conform to the Announcement of the Minister of Energy of 23 November 2016 on the detailed list of projects aimed at improving energy efficiency and that improve energy efficiency or implement technological changes to this effect at existing facilities, plants and equipment. This refers to activities such as, for instance, conversion of production lines into more energy-efficient lines; deep energy retrofit of buildings at the enterprises; using energy-efficient technologies at enterprises through alteration or replacement with energy-efficient equipment and process plants, lighting and conveyor systems of production lines; construction or alteration of local heat sources (including the replacement of sources with RES plants); using energy recovery technologies with a waste heat energy recovery system at enterprises.