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The cornerstone of the new municipal waste management system in Poland is regionalisation. In every region, the provincial waste management plan (WPGO) indicates the regional plants for the treatment of mixed municipal waste, waste plant material and other biowaste as well as remains from municipal waste sorting.

Waste and related risks are becoming an increasing environmental problem. The interest in waste management in Poland is rising, both with respect to waste reduction technologies and to methods of waste disposal and reuse. This has been significantly affected by the appearance of suitable legislative acts in this regard and educational programmes concerning correct waste management. Waste collected at collection sites can largely be reused as recyclables whose value is estimated to be approx. several hundred million dollars. Unfortunately, plenty of household and industrial waste is collected incorrectly, and the number of technologically advanced companies is still insufficient. Reducing the mass of generated waste to a level that ensures material, environmental and sanitary sustainability is not possible without extensive synchronisation of technology and the way of living with the shaping and functioning of the ecological structure in a specific area.

Activities aimed at reducing the amount of waste generated and collected in the environment should include the following:

  • recycling of waste materials at the source
  • recycling of waste materials elsewhere
  • reducing waste generation by using state-of-the-art low-sewage or sewage-free technologies and modification of designed products
  • replacing conventional raw materials.

Using suitable machinery and equipment certainly contributes to efficient material use, reducing the amount of waste or enabling the use of waste in place of conventional materials.

Exhibitor profile

  • waste management: waste recovery (reuse), waste disposal, waste collection, waste transport, waste segregation, waste treatment, landfilling, municipal waste management
  • plants: waste-to-energy, processing of selectively collected waste plant material, plants enabling deposition of waste generated in the mechanical-biological treatment process and remains from municipal waste sorting for a period of at least 15 years
  • waste management support (studies, analyses, design, project implementation)
  • waste management products: landfill and ground sealing, landfill equipment, waste sorting plant equipment, waste disposal equipment, waste composting, separators, sewage sludge treatment, waste volume reduction equipment, waste transport and removal equipment
  • litter bins and waste containers.