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The Electromobility Development Programme is one of the flagship Sustainable Development Strategies (SOR). Achievement of the objectives of the SOR and the Electromobility Development Programme has become the basis for the creation of a regulatory package. The Polish Electromobility Development Plan specifies the benefits of the popularisation of electric vehicles in Poland and identifies the economic and industrial potential of this area.

The national framework of the policy for the development of alternative fuel infrastructure implements European regulations concerning, for instance, requirements for the construction of alternative fuel infrastructure in 32 Polish agglomerations.

The act on electromobility and alternative fuels is aimed at stimulating the development of electromobility and popularising the use of other alternative fuels (e.g. LNG and CNG) in the Polish transport sector.

The Polish Electromobility Development Plan has indicated the objectives of the electromobility project, including the following:

  • Creating the conditions for the development of electromobility in Poland by popularising charging infrastructure and creating incentives to purchase electric vehicles
  • Advancing the electromobility industry
  • Stabilising the electrical network by integrating the vehicles with the network.

In order for the advancement of electromobility to be successful, it is necessary to create the foundation for an electromobility ecosystem, coordinate activities relating to the advancement of the electromobility industry, stimulate demand for electric vehicles and ensure the exemplary role of the administration.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Polish Electromobility Development Plan indicates the necessary activities in 6 areas:

  • changing the awareness of potential users
  • creating a system of benefits for electric vehicle users
  • advancement of manufacturers in the electromobility segment
  • regulatory changes required for the development of electromobility
  • adaptation of the electrical network
  • creating a Polish electric vehicle brand.